Co-Founder – Mrs. Audrey Odom

Mrs.  Audrey Odom is a lifetime resident of Houston, Texas.  Mrs.  Odom has been married for the past sixteen years and is thankful for the constant loving support of her husband,

Mr. Anthony Odom.  Mrs. Odom serves as the happy homemaker to her husband  and five children.  For the past sixteen years  she has been a faithful member of the New Light Christian Center Church, under the leadership of Bishop IV and Pastor Bridgett Hilliard.

Mrs.  Odom is one of the original three founders of the Virtuous Woman Circle of Friends; she currently serves as the treasurer of the organization.  Mrs. Odom is forever grateful for the gift of intercession and is humbled and grateful for the sisterhood developed by The Virtuous Woman Circle of Friends as described in 1st Samuel 18.  Mrs.  Odom prides herself as the woman described in

Proverbs 31:10-31, and strives for this level of perfection every day.